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Western Hypocrisy on Chinese EVs

·2 mins

Recently, The Verge had this headline about the EU imposing more tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs). This mirrors similar actions by the US and to me, it screams of hypocrisy.

On one hand, Western countries preach free trade yet these tariffs clearly contradict that. I know this might be to protect their local markets/companies but what irks me the most is this is particularly something that hinders the global effort towards tackling climate change.

They talk about countries switching to clean energy within a certain timeframe and sometimes in a condescending manners when to be fair most African countries rely on mainly green sources of energy - I acknowledge generalising.

It feels wrong when China have put their money where their mouth is and developed something that is good for the global goal of decarbonisation and all that. They are producing really good EVs from the likes of BYD at a lower price than its competitors.

Look at European brand, most of them manufacture their EVs in China, leveraging Chinese EV architecture that they have clearly perfected.

There is the argument that the Chinese government is unfairly playing its hand with the subsidies but I don’t think the end-consumer cares.

These tariffs and similar discussions shouldn’t be a thing when your goal is to transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles rapidly.

The relevant people should practice what they preach and foster actual competition that will result in better innovation around battery tech and ultimately economies of scale will work its wonders to bring EVs to the masses.