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Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m a Software Developer and a Computer Science graduate.

What I do

I’m based in Kenya and I have been shipping code for just over half a decade. I mainly work with front-end web projects but ocassionally dabble in some fullstack development.

Previously I have worked in an IT Support role performing some networking, system administration and maintenance tasks on top of solving the day-to-day issues.

Outside of Tech

Outside of tech, I obsessively watch motorsport - mainly Formula 1 (and its feeder series). I also run a car/motorsport blog found here

In my former years, I did some piano playing and singing - not that I don’t sing now but just to the audience of my pet.

This Site

My blog/portfolio has gone through a couple of changes throughout the years. Initially, I coded it with good ol’ HTML, tried WordPress and Medium. Later, I started to use a couple of templates with a mix of HTML and SCSS and various tweaks to suite my style. Currently, this site is built using Hugo static site generator and Blowfish due to the lightweight nature and the fact I use markdown often.

Privacy and Copyrights

This site makes use of Goatcounter which is an open-source and privacy-friendly web analytics platform. No cookies or ads are in place.

No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the content of this site. Credit is appreciated but not required (unless for commercial purposes).