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Wishlist to Reality
·1 min
Just buy that product in your wishlist - that’s what I did
Less Technical, More Think Pieces
·1 min
Update on the evolution of this website
On Subscriptions
·2 mins
Delving into current subscription complexities and advocating for changes
Switched to Cloudflare Pages
·1 min
This website has migrated from GitHub Pages to Cloudflare Pages
State of Social Media and My Journey Through It
·3 mins
Here’s my social media story and my hope for it’s future.
Enough with the Bloat
·2 mins
Cut the bloat and embrace simplicity of default features.
What Happens When You Type '' Into Your Browser
·6 mins
We trace a URL request from the browser to the server and its rendering.
I'm Ditching VS Code
·4 mins
VS Code is good enough but here’s why I prefer Vim.
Setting up Custom Domains on GitHub Pages
·3 mins
How to switch from GitHub Pages’ default domain.
How I Created My Site For Free with Hugo and GitHub Pages
·3 mins
In this post we go over the ease of creating a site using Markdown
Things To Do After Installing Fedora Workstation
·4 mins
A beginner friendly way of how I go about setting up Fedora Linux and GNOME.
Hello World
·1 min
A short introduction to mention what I intend to do with this website.