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Enough with the Bloat

·2 mins

For the love of God, please stop installing bloatware on your computer. I have noticed that people have a tendency to install every software they stumble upon, despite the fact that modern operating systems have a lot of features built-in.

I’ll use Windows as an example, as it has the largest market share and a lot of people have this tendency. For example, if all you do with zip files is extract them, then Windows has you covered - you don’t need WinRAR. Additionally, many people overlook the built-in disk cleanup utility provided by Windows. It’s a powerful tool to clean up temporary files, various clutter as well as chunks left after Windows updates. Why do you need a registry cleaner, a cleanup utility or some driver pack installer? It’s most likely just malware. Don’t even mention those free antivirus software like McAfee - they’re totally pointless.

Finally, if you only open PDFs but don’t manipulate them, please don’t install that Adobe software or Nitro PDF just for that. It’s like trying to kill a bug with a car - your default browser has the capability to view PDFs.

I could go on and on but that’s enough for now.

Perhaps it’s a lack of understanding of newer applications and operating systems, or being stuck in the days of Windows Vista. Having a million apps will just slow down your computer, be a pain to update, or worse, be a potential cyber threat. Just don’t install bloat on your computer.