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Hello World

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Thank you for passing by.

This is just a short introduction piece to mention what I intend to do with this website. Very much like how printing “Hello world” is usually the first thing one learns when they begin programming.

I plan on this being more like a frankenstein of a blog and a portfolio - blogfolio, is that even a word? It will host articles on things I find interesting around tech including concept breakdowns, Linux and FOSS or how-tos just for my referral in the future and in the process benefit whoever stumbles upon this.

Also, as a side-effect, this website will function as a landing page to replace link aggregators like Linktree that I currently use.

As this is a static site, currently a comment section is not implemented and I am not sure if I’ll do so. I am weighing up the pros and cons of having it but we’ll see how this goes.

Anyway, feel free to reach out to me. You can have a look at my About or Projects page.