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Switched to Cloudflare Pages

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For about a month, this website was not sending data to GoatCounter - an open source web analytics platform. I managed to resolve this but the rabbit hole led me to rediscover Cloudflare Pages.

I still love and recommend GitHub Pages, with a simple GitHub Action you can deploy your project and even make use of custom domains.

Anyway, for my use case, the top alternatives were Cloudflare Pages and Netlify. I currently manage domains on Cloudflare making it the obvious choice.

Some of the benefits of Cloudflare Pages include:

  • Fast site performance on the Cloudflare network.
  • Easy to add a custom domain especially so if you use Cloudflare for domain management.
  • Free SSL certificate with any plan.
  • Ability to have preview deployments before rolling to production.

The process of switching over was smooth. I connected Cloudflare Pages with my Git repository, set up build settings (just selecting Hugo as my framework) and deployed it. That easy! In my case, to setup a custom domain, Cloudflare simply added the necessary DNS records automatically.

That’s the update, for a guide on setting up Cloudflare Pages, have a look at Cloudflare Docs or this YouTube Video