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Wishlist to Reality

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We all have those items that linger in our Amazon baskets. For over a year, the Kindle Paperwhite sat patiently on my wish list, awaiting the moment when I could muster enough willpower (and perhaps some extra cash under my mattress) to check out.

Finally, I stumbled upon someone with a Kindle device, but it was the Basic version. Everything about it appealed to me, including the smaller size that I had previously thought would be less than ideal. This alone convinced me to finally get my own Kindle Basic.

Just go ahead and check out if you have a product that you’ve wanted for some time.

I’m definitely not promoting needless spending. Heck, I waited a bit longer to snag a Black Friday offer. My philosophy is that you should only do this for items that have gathered dust in your basket but you find yourself going back to frequently.

So, just get that Kindle.